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1. New York Times Magazine
     illustrations for ‘The Ethicist’

art directors: Audrey Rodriguez & Jason Sfetko

2. New York Magazine
     collage of selected works
art directors: Randy Minor, Chris Dixon, Hitomi Sato, Hilary Fitzgibbons, Josef Reyes, Claudia DeAlemida, Raul Aguila, Stevie Remsberg, Colin Tunstall, Michele Outland, Macon York, Caroline Crafton, Rami Moghadam
*not everyone credited is represented above

3. personal work

4. Condé Nast Traveler
     City Guide:
         New York, Take Two
         by, Jeff Klein & Ari Taymor

art director: Hitomi Sato

5. Portland Letterpress Fair 2013
     Oregon Rail Heritage Center
         steamroller print design

6. Men's Health
     365 Days of Awesome
         selected illustrations on yellow background
art director: Michael Schnaidt

     Off With your Shoes:

         A Brief History of Airport Security
         by, Bryan Gardiner

art director: Gus Wezerek

     Correspondance Imaginaire

         by, Pacôme Thiellement

art director: Rachèle Bevilacqua



9. The Best American Infographics

    New York Magazine
    Bröcelets Through the Ages
         by, Clint Rainey
art director: Raul Aguila
creative director: Thomas Alberty

10. Travel + Leisure
     Point of View

         To Moscow, with Love
         by, Pacôme Thiellement

art director: Derek Eng

11. Condé Nast Traveler
    Grand Tour of Asia
         by, Hanya Yanagihara

art directors: Hitomi Sato & Katherine Jordan

12. San Francisco Magazine
     Manhattan Takes North Beach
         by, Sara Deseran

art director: Ron Escobar

13. New York Magazine
     Living in Thermos
(about the architecture of Ken Levenson)
         by, S.Jhoanna Robledo
art director: Randy Minor

14. Portland Action Lab
     organization poster

15. New York Magazine
    Mean Vegans (print only)
         by, Alyssa Giacobbe
art director: Raul Aguila

16. New York Magazine
     Davidson: When It Comes to Newer, Odder Buildings, the Landmark Debates Get Trickier
art director: Stevie Remsberg

17. New York Magazine
     Your Grandmother’s Guide to Pot
         How Your Consume It Really Does Make a Difference.
art director: Mickey Pangilinan



18. New York Magazine
     3. Far West 42nd
         by, S.Jhoanna Robledo
art director: Hitomi Sato

19. SPIN
     The Greater Outdoors
         by, John Walsh
art director: Ian Robinson

20. The Wall Street Journal
     2021: The New Europe
         by, Niall Ferguson

art director: Keith Webb

21. Reader's Digest
     Gadget Mania & Digital Detox
         by, Susan Maushart

art director: Marti Golon

22. New York Magazine
     Vanity is a Necesity
         by, April Rabkin

23. Newsweek
     BIZ: Airline Fees
art director: Erich Nagler

24. New York Magazine
     Listening to Xanax
         by, Lisa Miller

25. The People's Library PDX



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spanning 2007-2009
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