Microdosing’s Micromoment - by, Simone Kitchens, Additional reporting by Katy Schneider and Margaret Rhodes

The Everything Guide to the Winter Coat - by, Margaret Rhodes, Katy Schneider, Jessica Silvester, and Lauren Levy

ONE BLOCK: This is the Story of One Block in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn
          Sharon Koontz - Connie Walker's Sweet Potato Pie
          Ulric Haynes Jr. - Where Residents on the Block Moved From
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Your Grandmother’s Guide to Pot: How You Consume Pot Really Does Make a Difference

Your Grandmother’s Guide to Pot: This Is How Science Explains Your High

Your Grandmother’s Guide to Pot: And How You Buy It Is Very 21st-Century, Too

Davidson: When It Comes to Newer, Odder Buildings, the Landmark Debates Get Trickier - by, Justin Davidson

The Town That Put the Pop in Music: A Look Back at 100 Years of New York Sounds - by, Jody Rosen

A History of Spring Break - by, Joshua David Stein

Twelve Years - by, Emily Ferber, Henry Giardina, Jenna Kagel, Egan Millard, Clara Pinsky, Nikita Richardson, and Kat Ward

The Post-Sandy Beachcomber’s Handbook - by, Annie Karni, Hana R. Alberts & Matthew Giles

Consensus: Jay-Z and Beyoncé’s Trip to Cuba … - INTELLIGENCER

The Smarter Apartment - by, Jillian Goodman

A Taxonomy of Hurricane Sandy - by, Christopher Bonanos, Jada Yuan, Willy Staley, Carl Swanson, Jillian Goodman, Jen Ortiz, Matthew Shaer & Nate Hopper

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Vanity is a Necessity - by, April Rabkin

Mean Vegans - by, Alyssa Glacobbe

Listening to Xanax CHILL-PILL MATCHMAKING - by, Lisa Miller

Brocelets Through the Ages - by, Clint Rainey

Don't Be a Kook - by, Jimmy Brady

The Wealth Gap is .75 Miles Wide - Crime statistics and 311 data are from reports by police precincts and community boards. Other statistics compiled from a combination of U.S. Census Bureau data, American Human Development Project reports, press releases from the Bloomberg offices, and in-house calculations.

Forget the Zoo, We're Going to the Track! - by, S.Jhoanna Robledo

The Groove Finder Nine places to shake your tail (or at least sway it) to your genre of choice. - by,Vanita Salisbury

Top-Shelf Masters

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Winter Travel: I'd Rather Be..
Contributors: Sarah Amandolare, Justin Bergman, Geraldine Campbell, Carrie Nieman Culpepper, Julie Earle-Levine, Adam Fisher, Joe Hagan, Jolyon Helterman, Nicholas Gill, Elaine Glusac, Sarah Gold, Adam H. Graham, Jeff Koyen, Janelle Nanos, Brendan Spiegel, Kathleen Squires, James Sturz, Jean Tang, and Fiorella Valdesolo.

          I’d Rather Be Brainfeeding...
          I’d Rather Be Relaxing...
          I’d Rather Be Adventuring...
          I’d Rather Be Indulging...

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